20 Photos Of Things So Perfect That Even The Pickiest Person Would Be Happy

The world is prone to chaos, we know that. Everything that surrounds us, with the passage of time or even just for a momentary and fortuitous event, can generate disorder, imperfection, entropy if we want to use a more scientific term. Unfortunately, or fortunately, this is how almost everything works.

Each of us, however, has a more or less hidden side within us that leads us to almost inexplicably love things that manifest in almost perfect form. Satisfying order, pleasant aesthetics, chromatic games, symmetry: it is perhaps precisely because we are subjected to the chaos that, when we find ourselves in front of images like those which we are going to show you, our “perfectionist” nature feels immense. fun!

#1. How not to be surprised by the perfect gradation of colors on this tree?

image credit: OrangePoppy2/reddit

#2. A table carved from a block of wood that seems anything but rigid …

image credit: Feijoadacomfuzil / reddit

#3. Cut wood: when nature and perfection merge

image credit: infernal2ss/reddit

#4. Who knows if whoever was driving this boat knows that he created a work of art … on the water!

image credit: reddit

#5. I just made this bread with my own hands and couldn’t be happier!

image credit: sacredgeometry711/reddit

#6. This multilayer cake is so symmetrical that it is a shame to eat it

image credit: RedSkeleton015/reddit

#7. A perfectly shaped piece of ice cream

image credit: reddit

#8. There is something hypnotic about the way the grass has been tended in this land.

image credit: Imgur

#9. Perfection is summed up in a photo

image credit: tzbigmoe2u/reddit

#10. Perfect round tomatoes, to say the least appetizing!

image credit: Pipe-n-Slippers/reddit

#11. Pens all finished!

image credit: reddit

#12. This carefully stacked wood is strangely irresistible …

image credit: MrTeeBee/reddit

#13. A sort of zucchini “domino”: it’s sad to think of eating it!

image credit: Imgur

#14. In the basement of a friend of mine, everything is so divided, cataloged and tidy that you can only admire in amazement

image credit: Dvnny02/reddit

#15. Round, perfectly round!

image credit: afg-guy/reddit

#16. In the middle of the woods, I found this lake which creates wonderful rainbow reflections!

image credit: reddit

#17. How did they manage to load it so perfectly? It is a spectacle to admire!

image credit: RampChurch/reddit

#18. Symmetrical and fascinating!

image credit: reddit

#19. Perfection between shoes and the floor!

image credit: aGuibu/reddit

#20. Here is a good job!

image credit: Karnaf0/reddit

Have you ever seen “perfect” scenes like this?

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