They Park Their Cars On A Farmer’s Land: He Takes His Tractor And Takes Revenge (+ Video)

Who has never had parking problems? Whether it’s cars left where they shouldn’t be or spots that can’t be found, one thing is certain: parking is often a headache and one of the main sources of litigation and discontent. The story we are going to tell you is further proof of this, except that in this case we are not in a neighborhood of a crowded city but in a “quiet” field of the countryside.

Although such a field is not, at first glance, an area where one would expect to see a lot of cars and parking problems, it has, in this case, become the scene of an episode that has quickly toured the web, sparking both hilarity and outrage. In the center, a farmer was rather annoyed by certain motorists who persisted in parking on his property. Tired of this situation, he decided to start his tractor and carry out his personal revenge .


image credit: Michael Spiller/Wikimedia – Not the actual photo

His name is Paul Bedekovic, and he is a Croatian farmer. Every Sunday, a flea market takes place near its grounds. This is a very popular event, which attracts many people who, of course, go to the countryside and, thinking they are not causing a nuisance, park their cars where they shouldn’t: in the wheat field. and Paul’s orchard.

The farmer’s “no parking” signs and his requests for motorists to move their cars off his property so that he can continue working in the fields have served no purpose. So, tired and angered by this disrespectful and persistent behavior, Bedekovic decided it was time to take justice into his own hands .


image credit: Pxfuel – Not the actual photo

The farmer got on his tractor and began to plow the field under the incredulous eyes of the owners of the cars parked there . Why incredulous? It’s simple: Paul, by digging deep furrows in the ground, blocked them or moved them from where they were, leaving no way out for anyone who wanted to leave the market. In the frenzy of the moment, some cars were also damaged, so that the police finally had to intervene on the spot. But when she arrived on the scene, she could only agree with the farmer.

The property where the cars had been parked was private and the man could theoretically do what he wanted with it. The fact remains that, perhaps, his reaction was a little exaggerated and drastic, and that everything could have been solved with a simple call to the police. What do you think? Was the farmer right to do this?

source used: 24sata

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