They Look Like Crests, But They’re Tattoos: 15 Of This Artist’s Most Iconic Works.

Do you know the crests used on clothing and accessories a few years ago? We are sure many will say yes. These objects, which today are considered vintage, were a real must-have among young people to embellish jeans, coats, backpacks, and the like. Symbols, characters, letters, or logos of music groups: proudly displaying a crest means expressing your tastes and preferences clearly and visibly.

And there are people who, after so much time, still get carried away by the charm of these elements, deciding to “update” them and turn them into something new, unique, and original. Did you ever think that a crest could become… a tattoo? This is indeed what the eclectic artist that we are going to present to you does: he designs tattoos that look like crests in all respects. Ready to discover fifteen of his most striking works?

#1. Pluto !

image credit: terioshi/Instagram

The creator of these very special tattoos is called Terioshi Otto, he is from São Paulo, Brazil, and works in Dortmund, Germany. His “specialty” is undoubtedly what he calls the “Patch Tattoo”, that is to say, patterns that look like patches directly applied to the skin of his customers.

#2. Spongebob: crest or tattoo?

image credit: terioshi/Instagram

It really looks like one!

#3. The effect of these drawings is really amazing, isn’t it?

image credit: terioshi/Instagram

Take a good look at it: doesn’t it seem ready to “jump” from your arm?

#4. Take a good look at it: doesn’t it seem ready to “jump” from your arm?


image credit: terioshi/Instagram

Just look at them to be surprised: Terioshi’s tattoos seem to “come out” of the wearer’s body, just like a crest on pants, a jacket or a bag.

#6. We assure you that it is not a crest!

image credit: terioshi/Instagram

Even if the fabric, the contours and the depth make us think otherwise…

#7. A fascinating portrait of Joker

image credit: terioshi/Instagram

A tattoo with a very strong impact, isn’t it?

#8. Really original and cute at the same time!

#9. Homer-Super Mario on the hunt for donuts!

This tattoo artist manages to create incredible effects of depth , passing the texture of the fabric on the skin, making each of his works much more than a simple drawing!

#10. We can all be Superman!

This patch-tattoo by Terioshi is proof of that!

#11. A Donald crest? Or is it a tattoo?!

image credit: terioshi/Instagram

#12. A truly one-of-a-kind “flower”

From comic book characters  to movie and cartoon characters, to famous brand logos or music band logos: Terioshi’s patches are colorful and super realistic, and we’re sure they’ll trick anyone’s eyes. ‘anyone.

#13. There is also the famous Lacoste crocodile!

It looks like the logo sewn on the French brand’s polo shirts, doesn’t it?

#14. What do you think of this cute Homer-Buddha?

#15. C3 PO and R2D2, straight out of Star Wars!

What do you think of these amazing tattoos? Which struck you the most?

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