They Cut Down 12 Walnut Trees From An Arborist During The Night: “It’s A Disaster, They Were My Pride”

When we witness certain episodes against nature, we can not help but think that some people will never learn to respect the only environment that welcomes us. The criminal and reckless act we are going to tell you about is proof of this.

As if a real hurricane had passed, someone, overnight, devastated the walnut plantation of a French arborist. A terrible act, which plunged the man into total despair. Years of hard work have been wasted with these precious trees.


image credit: Loïc Schaeffer / FTV – France 3

We are in the Upper Rhine region. It is here that 70-year-old arborist André Strich has spent years and years caring for and protecting what is dearest to him: trees. On his 37 hectare estate, he devoted all his efforts to planting and growing thousands and thousands of trees, which have often been damaged by drought, natural events, and disease. Never, however, had André’s trees been the victims of such a cruel human act as the one-man denounced.

His walnut trees, trees that can reach 20 meters tall, had been planted and cared for with care and patience until, after 19 years, they had given fruit. They were a source of pride for this French arborist, so it’s not hard to imagine what he felt when he found them cut with a chainsaw.


image credit: Loïc Schaeffer / FTV – France 3

During the night, someone broke into Strich’s grounds to carry out a cruel and, to say the least, shameful plan. The walnut trees were cut a meter above the ground and destroyed forever. The man does not explain the reason for this act. “I have no enemies, no rivals, we are all united in this sector, it is incomprehensible”, he declared, won by the discouragement in front of what happened.

“These trees were my pride, they were supposed to be a legacy for future generations, continues André, it is a disaster”. We can only sadly agree with him, given what has happened. In the hope that those responsible for this act can pay for what they have done, we hope that Strich’s precious work will continue, more determined than before, tree after tree and against all those who think they can dispose of it. nature as they see fit.

source used: France 3

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