These Police Dogs Who Line Up To Eat Are Much More Orderly And Patient Than Us Humans

We can all, in one way or another, draw inspiration from animals. Dogs, in particular, are real masters in giving us important “lessons”. Unconditional love, solidarity, loyalty, empathy: so many feelings that distinguish them and on which we can always count. When they are then trained by men to behave in a certain way, they really become role models to be observed. The police dogs that we show you here explain better than a thousand words what we are saying here.


image credit: Reddit

Who has never felt anxious to queue in front of a store, or at the checkout, or to enter a place? Probably a bit of everyone, and we certainly saw attempts to skip the queue a lot. All of this certainly does not happen to those super-disciplined police dogs immortalized in China.

Sitting calm with their bowls in their mouths and at the same distance from each other, these charming “officers” really understood what it means to be patient and well behaved. Of course: they are trained dogs, but it’s still surprising to see them like this. With the right instructions, these four-legged friends can really learn to do anything, and they are certainly an example of disciplined behavior that a lot of people should keep in mind …

source used: Daily Mail

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