These new wind turbines could power a house for two days in a single rotation

They will be on the sea and will feed our cities by maximizing space. It comes from the United States: the wind turbine model that was installed off the coast could power a house for two days with a single rotation of the blades . There is no doubt that wind turbines are among the most innovative forms of clean energy. The debate often centers on their effectiveness, as they are not powerful enough to power our cities.


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The Massachusetts Vineyard Wind project involves the implementation of GE Haliade-X turbines, which to date represent the best standard in terms of size but above all in terms of operability: indeed, they produce 13MW each, which is considerable.

A new record to beat for the green standard . The GE Haliade-X managed to produce 262 MW per hour in a single unit in just 24 hours, which is enough to power at least 30,000 homes in a large area. New projects like this would help maximize turbine production using less space, as production would require fewer units.

A revolution that starts from America but has an impact on everyone . The large-scale commercialization of the turbines will be done first in the United States, but if the project were to be considered valid, one could expect in a few years to see the same implementation on the European coasts on the lines of the Windpark Landtong Rozenburg on the shore of the port of Rotterdam. There, work is already underway to expand the wind farm.

Remember that the production of energy from the wind does not give rise to any emissions into the atmosphere.


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In the TOP 10 of the countries most focused on the use of clean energy, we find in first place China with a capacity of 221GW, followed by the United States and Germany, which ranks first in Europe. with a total capacity of 59.3GW. In Europe, we find Spain (23GW) which already covers 18% of its electricity needs, the United Kingdom (20.7GW) with a very high concentration of offshore parks and France (15GW) which is moving away more and more nuclear power.


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For existing wind power plants, we are working and we will work even more in the years to come to replace the traditional poles by those of more advanced technology , much more productive and with a better environmental impact.


 Vineyard Wind Project

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