There Is A Fourth Arm In The Photo: Do You See It?

It is not always possible to give an immediate answer to everything. There are issues that need to be re-read, elaborated, thought through, and reasoned out. The same goes for images: we can’t always decipher them at first glance. Some of them are abstract, devious, and it is not easy to grasp the meaning. Even photographs can deceive our eyes and our perception does not coincide with reality. This is the case of this image.


image credit: JenMsft Twitter

This photo, originally posted on Reddit, quickly became popular on many social networks. Why? What is its particularity? In the image, we see three arms and four small bottles. People seem to have gone hiking and celebrated reaching the summit. But something is wrong: there are four small bottles, but only three arms. The bottle on the left, at first glance, seems to be suspended in the air almost as if by magic. Where are the arm and the hand that holds it? A Twitter user, called JenMsft, posed this challenge again, saying, ” My brain refuses to believe there are 4 people in this picture. “

How long did it take you to locate the arm? The bottle is not suspended: the missing arm is there, but it is perfectly camouflaged in the background: the arm is camouflaged by the rocky path while the hand, which wears the glove, is camouflaged by the pants of the hiker. The image was an immediate success and the internet, once again, was intrigued by these optical illusions capable of defying our perception. Hundreds of comments were posted: users showed their confusion and bewilderment: some even asked for help from a friend or partner to be able to spot the image. The almost perfect camouflage managed to attract all eyes. Did you manage to see the fourth arm? How long?

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