30 Illegal Photos Where Their Authors Put Their Lives At Risk

It is becoming more and more fashionable for young people to want to get the best photo to upload to their social networks. But there is a group of them who have taken it to the extreme and risked their lives to achieve it. The new trend that has been with us for a few years is called “Skywalking”, in which young people from all over the world climb the tallest buildings and monuments in the world to take a selfie or photograph in their highest part, thus risking their lives for a simple photo.

For this reason, in Find out something we have made a compilation of images in which we can see these fools posing for their dangerous photos.

#1. China’s tallest building: The Sanghai Tower

#2. Places around Hong Kong

#3. Tallest building in the UK, The Shard

#4. The tallest building in Europe: Mercury City Tower, Russia.

#5. Other places around Russia

#6. The tallest residential building in the world: Princess Tower, Dubai.

#7. Other places near Dubai

#8. Warsaw city center, Poland

#9. Eiffel Tower, France.

#10. Benidorm, Spain

#11. Berlin Germany

#12. La Sagrada Familia, in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

#13. Cologne Cathedral, Germany.

#14. The pyramids of Giza, Egypt

#15. Christ the Redeemer, Brazil

#16. Unidentified place

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