The Wreck Of The Titanic Disappears: An Underwater Expedition Testifies (+ Video).

We all know the sad story of the Titanic . The famous ocean liner that sank in the waters of the Canadian island of Newfoundland on its maiden voyage has become a symbol over the years, not only for cinematic reasons, but also for the history it conveys.

And over time, the curiosity aroused by this vessel has never diminished. Its wreck, submerged in the icy waters of the Atlantic after the impact with an iceberg on this tragic April 15, 1912, has always been the subject of expeditions and research, which still seek today to preserve and study it as a true historical monument. One of those underwater missions revealed that what is left of the ship is in critical condition. The deterioration is such that it seems irreversible , as the OceanGate researchers showed in a video as fascinating as it is dramatic.


image credit: F.G.O. Stuart/Wikimedia

The wreck of the RMS Titanic lies some 3,800 meters below the sea surface, but little or nothing of the splendor of this immense liner remains. The high definition cameras used by the underwater explorers of OceanGate Expeditions make it clear: everything below becomes unrecognizable.


image credit: Journey Routard / Flickr

Using a specially designed submersible and high-tech equipment, the Everett, Washington-based company has a clear goal: to monitor the degradation of what is arguably the most wreckage. world famous. In addition, OceanGate is also monitoring the impact of the wreck on the surrounding marine life and how it has adapted to this unnatural presence over time.


image credit: OceanGate Expeditions

Images, videos, laser data and much more are therefore invaluable in documenting what has been happening in the depths of the Atlantic since the sinking of the ship. Its transformation is also of interest to the other wrecks that lie under the seas of our planet. However, the news about the Titanic is hardly heartwarming at all.

“The ocean is taking it,” said Stockton Rush, president of OceanGate, “we need to document everything before it is completely gone.” One need only take a quick glance at the footage the researchers shared to realize that the Titanic is in very critical condition .

Of course, there is nothing out of the ordinary, given the time that has passed since that tragic shipwreck, but it is certainly impressive how much things have changed, and how many of them are. already completely lost. Who knows how long the seabed will hold the remains of the majestic ship and the sad history it bears …

source used: OceanGate Expeditions

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