The Sad Images Of A Tiger Circling Endlessly In Its Small Enclosure At Beijing Zoo.

There are scenes that we would never want to see and that can, we hope, awaken our consciousness once and for all. Zoo animals, for example, are locked in confined spaces and in environments that are certainly not the image they deserve to live in, for the “entertainment” and benefit of humans. Although their sighting may be a “new” experience for many, their suffering in zoos is indisputable.

One of the wild animals that, perhaps more than others, symbolizes strength, freedom, and courage is the tiger. This big feline exerts a fascination that we certainly cannot put on “display” in a zoo. Heartbreaking images show a splendid white Bengal tiger which, because of its long confinement, circles in a small enclosure, repeating its sad and limited course endlessly.


image credit: viral world/Youtube

The video was shot in a Beijing zoo and clearly shows the poor tiger who, in the absence of larger spaces to live and walk freely, is forced to spin endlessly in the tiny area where he is imprisoned, along with visitors. who, from a balcony above, observe him with curiosity.

The behavior of the animal, for many internet users and animal rights activists commenting on the video, is clearly a sign of a state of depression and mental infirmity, most likely due to its prolonged confinement in such a small enclosure.


image credit: viral world/Youtube

The Chinese capital zoo, after the footage was released, said park officials were aware of its abnormal behavior and had launched a “psychological follow-up” program to help the animal regain its serenity. However, one staff member confirmed that this behavior can be the result of too much time spent in captivity.

How to prove him wrong … Psychological follow-up or not, what is certain is that no animal deserves to live like this, in conditions which would put a hard test on everyone’s mental stability.

A scene which arouses a feeling of great bitterness, just at the thought of the thousands of animals which, like this poor tiger, are forced by the man to “exist” and not to “live” as they should.

Below is the link to the Beijing Zoo’s heartbreaking white tiger video:

source used:

 Daily Mail

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