15 Women Show The Insurmountable Difference Between “The Photos I Take Of My Boyfriend And The Photos My Boyfriend Takes Of Me”

Trust, esteem, affection, understanding: these are the main aspects on which a relationship is based. Another aspect that should not be underestimated is the skills demonstrated by the partner when he has a camera in his hands. Women, most of the time, have gained experience almost comparable to that of photographers. Men, on the other hand, get out of their way as best they can and press the button apathetically and unprofessionally. The result? The photos she takes of him and the photos he takes of her, even in the same place and in the same pose, have an abysmal difference. If the gentleman’s social networks post beautiful photos, those of Madame will be full of selfies but that’s okay: we accept them anyway, despite their lack of artistic vein.

#1. The photo she took of him was carefully studied to frame the view and his profile, but the same can’t be said on the other side.

image credit: Anna_clendening/twitter

#2. The photos show the two lovers during a lunch: a pity that the poses and the result are not quite the same …

image credit: missmassimino/twitter

#3. On the left, he plays video games, on the right, she sleeps: another way of understanding the expression “taking a natural photo”.

image credit: izobehlam/twitter

#4. This photo also shows two lovebirds having lunch: he is all smiles as she is immortalized eating.

image credit: mista_jitsta/twitter

#5. For him a natural photo as the sunlight caresses her face, for her a natural photo doing what exactly?

image credit: oliviafarmerr/twitter

#6. The restaurant is a lovers’ favorite spot, but it might not be ideal to take pictures with her mouth full.

image credit: tabspon/twitter

#7. It should have been a nice photo: for him it certainly is, for her unfortunately not. Who is she touching with her finger?

image credit: courtsjoyce/reddit

#8. A calm and clear sea and a beautiful sunset behind: she knows how to use the light, he doesn’t. Blame it on the flash?

image credit: jannelle_guzman / twitter

#9. Here they eat an ice cream: a beautiful profile with a blue sky for this charming young man … and an awkward pose with the tongue sticking out for her.

image credit: newestnehaad/twitter

#10. For him, a pretty place and a natural smile, for her, a photo taken haphazardly in a pose not really glamorous.

image credit: aria_tamagotchi/twitter

#11. Different ways of understanding a person’s daily life: working on the computer on one side and opening the freezer on the other. Why ?

image credit: vaish_navy/twitter

#12. He has a winning pose with a dazzling smile, as for her, she reflects on the photography class she can offer him to solve the problem.

image credit: GLOOMYGIRL/twitter

#13. Here are two different ways of conceiving the beauty treatment: a cocktail and a beautiful spot on the left, a face mask and hair removal on the right.

image credit: k_olyvia/twitter

#14. He looks like a mannequin when, on a chair in the middle of a meadow, he observes the horizon with class. She, on the other hand, just looks hungry.

image credit: teasinppintin/twitter

#15. She opted for a close-up photo, him for a creative effect with a mirror. Too bad the result is not really poetic …

image credit: s_poon/reddit

However, we appreciate the efforts of men to make their girlfriends look their best. Model poses are a bit of the old school, so why not go for something new? What embarrassing photos have you taken of your girlfriend or boyfriend?

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