Anguloa Uniflora, The Particular Orchid That Looks Like A Baby Snuggled In A Coffin.

Orchids are very popular plants although keeping them alive is quite complicated – there are several varieties, all with beautiful flowers. Most species are native to the tropics or subtropics and adapt to different types of habitats, with the exception of glaciers and deserts.

With the right precautions, it is not impossible to take care of it. If you’re in doubt as to which orchid to choose, try taking a look at this very special subspecies: it’s called Anguloa Uniflora, known to look like a baby bundled up in a bassinet.

#1. The flowers have a very special appearance. Looking more closely, we can imagine a baby bundled up in the flower …

#2. It sounds like a joke of nature and yet it is a species of orchid that grows spontaneously in the humid forests of the mountains of South America. Its presence is found in Colombia and Peru, at an altitude of between 1,400 and 2,500 meters.

#3. In short, it is a very special species of orchid which is also called “Cradle of Venus” because of its appearance.

#4. It can reach a height of 20 cm and its flowering leaves in no way indifferent!

A wonder of nature …

source used: Facebook / Stanisław Czerwiński

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