The Owner Of A Pub Forbids Children: “They Are Rude And Noisy”

Can commercial activities prevent access to certain categories of people, if necessary? But what raises the debate on the story that we are going to tell you is not only the question of the legitimacy of this choice but especially its drastic nature: many people have considered it a ridiculous choice and without regard. Lucy Draper, the owner of a pub in Hampshire, has decided to ban all children under 12 because of their bad behavior.


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Dogs are welcome, and on the pub’s Facebook page you can see that they are now loyal customers, but the kids are hyperactive, they love to play, and often don’t realize there are rules to follow. Common sense dictates that inside a pub, bar or restaurant, you sit in your place and you don’t shout so as not to disturb other people in the establishment. However, children do not always understand this. Parents should therefore intervene and explain to their children how they should behave in such contexts. Lucy Draper, Owner of the Compass Inn, has taken a radical decision: she says her pub is a place for adults and should not be a nursery for children. They are too rowdy and noisy and do not respect the space of other customers.


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The woman said, “It’s their parents’ fault. They don’t discipline them, so 75% of the children who come in are screaming, running around, and not sitting at the tables. Families arrive around 5 a.m. after their children have finished their meal. spent the day in the park and are hyperactive. They should be taken home to bed. “


image credit: The Compass Inn Winsor New Forest/Facebook

Lucy also justifies her choice by saying that the measure taken is necessary to preserve the adult customers who frequent her pub to experience moments of peace and quiet.. Many customers have complained about the behavior of children screaming and running around the pub. Lucy announced her decision via a Facebook post, and the comments she received have been many and varied. While many people found her choice drastic and ridiculous, other customers called it a “big blow” because Lucy’s pub is the only one in the area that offers gluten-free products. However, there is no shortage of patrons who have supported the Woman’s Choice, arguing that it is only fair that some places are adults-only. What do you think ? Will this move scare away patrons with families and bring those seeking peace closer together, or will the pub be labeled as an establishment demonstrating

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