The Mystery Behind Eye Color And Why Those With Green Eyes Can Think Of Themselves As Truly Special.

How a person’s eye color is determined is still being investigated, but if you have green eyes, you also have a lot of good reasons to consider yourself special .

Of all the shades of color that can be found in a person’s eyes, indeed, those which tend towards a marked shade of green are among the rarest in the world and, it is said, even the most attractive in the world. absolute.

Here are some curious and interesting facts about green eyes and the people lucky enough to have them!

#1. The pattern of green eyes (and all other colors).

The color of the eyes depends on two main factors: the type and quantity of pigments present on the iris and that of the light which reaches this curious organ. While this is a known fact, the genetic explanation behind color determination is still not entirely clear. We know that this is a polygenic trait (therefore complex) and that there are three genes involved in this process known until now: EYCL1, EYCL2, and EYCL3.

All of this leads us to say that green eyes do not exist in themselves, but they do appear that way in people who have a little more melanin and carotenoids on the iris compared to those who have light blue eyes. or blue (but much less compared to those with dark eyes).

What is curious is that only 2% of the world’s population is considered to possess this genetic trait (mostly women), which ranks it as the fifth rarest shade, after shades of amber, purple, deep black, and red.

Green eyes are native to and mostly found on the European continent (mainly in Northern and Central Europe), but there are populations with this trait also in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

#2. What do we think of those with green eyes?

There are many tests and questionnaires on the perception of green eyes and the sensations they convey.

Among the most important characteristics, it seems that those who have this eye color convey a sense of reliability, they appear intelligent and are considered particularly fascinating: all this because they combine the strength of the color brown with the calm transmitted. by the color blue.

And you, what do those around you think of your eyes? Are you one of the lucky ones? 😉

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