The Vegetal Cathedral, The majestic work of natural architecture created by an Italian artist

The Vegetable Cathedral , which perhaps some of you have heard of, is a work designed by the Italian artist Giuliano Mauri (1938-2009) in the early 2000s, which with the passing of the seasons has become a true living cathedral of Gothic inspiration .

It was built according to the ancient art of weaving : using flexible wood, nails, ropes and pegs , the reinforcements of the 42 columns that make up the structure were built, inside which, instead of concrete or bricks, the trees developed and vegetation which were to be the building material of the cathedral.

Giacomo Bianchi

The load-bearing structures were designed to rot over time succumbing to the elements, replaced by living wood and branches that would develop over the seasons. The result, as the photos show, is a monument that changes from year to year, living and inserted into the surrounding landscape, thanks to the choice of strictly local plant species 


Virtual Sacred Space

Michele Salmaso

Sella art

Pierangelo Zavatarelli


holy card

Luca Florio/Flickr

Unfortunately, like any structure that makes the natural element its construction basis, the Vegetal Cathedral was a structure conceived to evolve with the environment and not to be eternal . In December 2019 it was therefore necessary to proceed to secure and eliminate the trees which in the meantime had grown too much and made the structure unsafe, with consequent risk for visitors.

The Shaded Garden

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