The Armardille Lizard, The Little Reptile That Looks Like A Baby Dragon.

We do not know if dragons really existed on our planet, or if they were the figment of the imagination – although there is much evidence to confirm their existence. In any case, it is certain that today there is an animal which makes one think of them a lot. We are talking about the color (or Armardilla lizard), scientifically known as Cordylus cataphractus, a reptile characterized by a small body covered with “scales” that give it the appearance of a baby dragon

#1. This animal is commonly referred to as the Armardille lizard.

#2. Like armadillos, in case of danger, this lizard will curl up on itself.

#3. In the act of curling up on itself, the scales that cover the body allow it to defend itself against external threats.

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#4. In extreme cases, the zonur drops its tail to distract predators. The tail is able to grow back, but it is unlikely to reach its original size.

#5. This friendly animal lives in the desert areas of the west coast of southern Africa.

#6. Its dimensions are very small, specimens usually measure 7.5-9 centimeters.

#7. Unfortunately, the destruction of its habitat and a ruthless trade endangered the zonur.

Nature is rich in special creatures like the zonur, but the strong pressure that man exerts on them risks making them disappear forever from our planet.

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