The Invisible Woman Hidden In The Mountains: The Optical Illusion That Tricks Our Eyes.

Have you ever thought, “I can’t believe my eyes”? Sometimes we find ourselves in situations that leave us speechless. Not to mention what is published every day on the web. We see all sorts of things: photos, games, sometimes videos, all aimed at creating the most amazing optical illusion.

They are often so well done that even the best observer is deceived. And the individual perception of each of us is in no way related to our skills or attention. We are simply faced with a well-prepared “deception”. The creator of the photo that we are going to show you knows something about it. Ready to put yourself to the test?


image credit: Mystical cat/reddit

Take a good look at this photo: what do you see? Snow, trees, and…a pair of legs on a snowboard? At first glance, it would seem so. In fact, the feet and legs wrapped in white pants belong to a woman who masterfully hides in the trees.

Haven’t seen it yet or aren’t sure? Look carefully.

The photo, posted by Reddit user Mystical_Cat, quickly went viral, prompting a large number of comments. From a walker forgetting his legs and snowboarding in the snow to the perception of a much taller than a normal woman: the reactions were many and varied. If you still do not understand, we invite you to review the image. The woman is almost totally invisible or, if seen, she seems to have been “enlarged” by the play of shadows on the trees. An artifice and a truly surprising rendering. It’s hard to notice, but that’s what amuses us.

Beyond the fun, the photo also had the merit of arousing more serious reflections. Among the users who left a comment, some used the game as an excuse to send an important message to mountain lovers. “This photograph should be a lesson for us, wrote user TheTattedspider. If you go to the mountains, it is always advisable to wear brightly colored clothes. Let’s not use colors that camouflage us and make us invisible. This could be crucial, especially in difficult situations,” he concluded. A useful tip to keep in mind when deciding to go on a trip to the snow.

Congratulations, therefore, to the author of the photo for his witty and ironic creativity, and also for indirectly giving us good advice.

And you, did you manage to see the woman?

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