The Hidden “Talent” Of Hamsters: They Can Handle The Equivalent Of 21 Bottles Of Wine A Day.

Animals never cease to fascinate us. Over the years, many researchers have devoted their studies to animals and their bizarre behaviors., studying the habits and rituals of each species belonging to the animal kingdom. Did you know that female octopus throw objects at males that make unwanted “advances” at them? Indeed, during the mating phase, female octopuses are very selective and adopt unusual behaviors. But they’re not the only creatures to behave strangely: dogs circle around trying to bite their tails, bears rub their backs on tree trunks to scratch their backs, and moose trample fermented apples. An intensive care consultant at the Bradford Institute for Health Research explained the strange “talent” of hamsters.


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Hamsters are very popular pets. There are 19 species of hamsters, and these have often been the subject of scientific studies. Many of these studies have looked at the ability of hamsters to tolerate alcohol. Dr. Tom Lawton recently addressed this issue in a Twitter post. He wrote: “In a previous conversation with Dr. Christine Peters, I found out that not everyone knows the hamster’s prodigious ability to drink alcohol. They love it so much that they prefer to drink it. 15% ethanol in place of water and can tolerate amounts that would be dangerous for humans. “

Indeed, hamsters can tolerate the amount of alcohol contained in 21 bottles of wine. their very efficient liver, which is able to filter and reduce the amount of alcohol circulating in the blood.


image credit: Flickr

This discovery is not new: as early as the 1960s, researchers conducted studies on hamsters and mice. It was discovered that mice could be induced to consume alcohol through psychological conditioning, that is, by associating an unconditional stimulus with a conditioned stimulus. Hamsters, on the other hand, ingest alcohol at the first opportunity offered to them. Another study even claimed that hamsters prefer alcohol to water.: Researchers found that 88% of liquids ingested by animals – not domesticated – came from alcohol rather than water. But why this strange preference? The reason would be calories: water is devoid of calories, while alcohol provides animals with calories, which would allow them to survive in colder temperatures. Did you know this “talent” of hamsters?

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 Tom Lawton/Twitter

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