The First Zero-emission Yacht Is Unveiled: Inside There Is A Park And A Greenhouse.

Against the background of reorganizing production and mobility without the use of expensive hydrocarbons, the luxury yachting industry is also building increasingly environmentally friendly boats.

zero-emission yacht, designed by 3deluxe designers, is on display in the port of Monaco. In addition to the usual extra-luxurious features, the boat will also have a greenhouse, vegetable garden, and desalination system to provide drinking water even in the middle of the ocean. Electricity will be provided by photovoltaic blades and fuel cells for a large structure.


image credit: 3dluxe

A boat that seems to represent the future of great ecological luxury. These are the first prototypes of vehicles equipped with a zero emission propulsion system based on fuel cells. And in this case, they are fuel cells with a proton exchange membrane, or PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) capable of using both hydrogen and methanol. Imagine that with a full tank, such a boat could cover a distance of 1000 nautical miles (1850 km) at low speed.

The yacht’s fairing is designed to make it aerodynamic and elegant. The sides are fitted with side slats controlled by sensors that regulate the amount of light in good weather and close in bad weather.


image credit: 3dluxe

Some of these slats are fitted with orientable photovoltaic cells which produce the energy necessary for lighting, air conditioning and desalination. It is thus possible to produce drinking water even in the middle of the ocean , which makes this means of transport autonomous.


image credit: 3dluxe

But that’s not all. A garden and greenhouse system will provide a healthier mode of natural ventilation than normal air conditioning.

The crops from the gardens will be able to supply the yacht’s kitchens with vegetables and fruit to keep the produce as fresh as possible. This will also reduce the electricity consumption of freezers 


image credit: 3dluxe

Interior materials have also been changed from traditional materials . The brass and acrylic glass typical of luxury yachts have been replaced by green carpet and natural materials. In addition, we even thought of sourcing from companies that produce these raw materials in an environmentally friendly manner.


image credit: 3dluxe

It is not a model for all budgets … but one which optimizes a new type of yacht more respectful of the natural environment in all respects .

source used: 3dluxe

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