The Enigma Of The Giant Books Of Prague Castle: A Real Photo Or With “Secret” Origins?

What is so special about the photo of a woman leafing through books in an archive? If you haven’t answered anything, wait until you see the snapshot we’re about to show you, one of those images that can create a real “case” around them, giving rise to the most disparate theories and assumptions.

The problem with this photo is as obvious as it is shrouded in mystery. The woman in question, presumably represented in the Prague Castle Archives, is busy leafing through an enormous book, which is certainly out of the ordinary. And this is not the only one: around this one, there are several others, all equally huge. Ancient medieval texts? Perhaps, although it is unlikely that such books were hosted by these archives, as the manager himself later confirmed. So what is behind this photo?


image credit: aborygenski1963/reddit

This image first appeared on the web in 2013, with the caption “Prague Castle Archives”, author and year. It is said to be attributed to Mr. Peterka and dated to around 1940. So far, it would seem that there is nothing strange, but it is not. Not only because after being published on the Lost and Found Prague website it was no longer possible to find it, but also because the person in charge of the archives of the castle in the Czech capital, when asked about the photo, said replied that it did not belong to them at all.

The photo therefore began to arouse the curiosity of Internet users around the world, who wondered not only where it came from, but also what books it represented. Books of such dimensions were quite rare, although we cannot rule out the hypothesis that they actually existed. If we take for example the Codex Gigas, the largest known medieval book (92 cm high by 50 wide), or the  Klencke Atlas  (1.75 m by 1.90), it seems that the two do not match. to those in the photo.


image credit: Jorge Láscar/Wikimedia

In short, what is behind it? As is often the case in similar cases, the lack of certain information has encouraged many theories, some plausible, others more extravagant, but all united by an aura of mystery. There are those who suggested that it was the setting for a film, those who suggested that it was a digitally created and enhanced image, and those who, perhaps with an excess of fantasy and conspiracy, thought it came from a secret society or was proof of the existence of giants or aliens, even speaking of a “global cover-up”.

There is something for everyone, then. If it is still impossible to find certain references to the origin of this photograph, the solution of the mystery seems far away. But we know it: in a technologically advanced world where anyone can create content and instantly distribute it everywhere, it is increasingly difficult to have certainties.

How do you prefer to categorize this photo? Real, photoshopped or with suspicious, occult meaning?

Source used:

 Library Shenanigans

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