19 Times The Dogs “Stopped” And Got Caught In The Most Hilarious Attitudes

Have you ever put yourself in your dog’s shoes? If the answer is no, know that, for these faithful creatures, so used to protecting their space and defending their habits, everyday life can sometimes turn into a real nightmare.

It’s a smiley statement, of course, but there is certainly a basis of truth. Dogs, in fact, have a lot to do at home, and sometimes they risk finding themselves in quite heavy situations, difficult to manage. It is precisely in these moments that we see them behaving in the strangest ways, for example staring at something, taking weird poses, or putting themselves in situations that make us think that something is wrong. thing, in them, has stopped working. But ultimately, don’t we love them for that too? Discover 19 four-legged friends who displayed a curious and funny “dysfunction” so much that their owners wondered if there was something wrong!

#1. I don’t quite understand, but he often puts himself in this position …

image credit: maixmi/reddit

#2. It happens every time I tell her how much I love her!

image credit: abbiyah/reddit

#3. The dog’s assembly instructions were not with him ….

image credit: rnclusive/reddit

#4. There is nothing he can do: when he has to sleep, he has to do it.

image credit: TheWindCriedDeath/reddit

#5. Hey human, why are you upside down?

image credit: My_Memes_Will_Cure_U/reddit

#6. The practical demonstration of the “dog biting its tail”: this one did it to corner his friend!

image credit: LakotaSunrise/reddit

#7. If you are asking yourself the question, the answer is no: there is no hole underneath …

image credit: cameramanlady/reddit

#8. When I asked him to sit down, he did it this way: at that moment it was love at first sight.

image credit: PollitaLoquita/reddit

#9. He collected all the balls he found in the house and stayed like that for ten minutes: what am I to think of that?

image credit: hrisbiss_15/reddit

#10. Before and after a good game in dirt and mud …

image credit: reddit

#11. I decided to install a video camera to see what my dogs were doing while I was working: this is what I saw.

image credit: reddit

#12. Probably the happiest dog in the world …

image credit: reddit

#13. In the dishwasher, there was his bowl: it stayed like that until I took it out …

image credit: noiamnotyourfriend/reddit

#14. She’s not angry: it’s just her usual expression!

image credit: GingerWife2017c/reddit

#15. When he sits he almost looks like a strange alien creature ….

image credit: rb975/reddit

#16. It would scare everyone to find him in this position, don’t you think?

image credit: SamanthaJK09/reddit

#17. Sometimes I wonder if there is something wrong with him: he goes in the dryer and I find him like that.

image credit: GallacticCactus/reddit

#18. From time to time, he comes running, puts himself like that and looks at me: he doesn’t leave until I give him a hug!

image credit: reddit

#19. For a long time he tried to catch this little ball, fearing the “terrible” fan that was spinning …

image credit: memezzer/reddit

What about your dogs? Are they always “perfect” or do they sometimes display unusual attitudes like these?

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