15 Shoes Of Questionable Beauty That Some Have Had The Courage To Wear

Some argue that you can learn a lot about a first-time person from the type of shoes you wear. For many, shoes are the most important element in building an attractive outfit. If this is the case, with the shoes that we show you in this article, the first impression one can have is not exactly that of a sober and balanced person. Here are some of the most unlikely shoes we have found. 

#1. Maybe for a walk in a seaside resort.

image credit: Instagram / Kermit Tesoro

#2. Forward or back? With these shoes you will always be in the “right” direction.

image credit: Reddit / GothBunnyClique

#3. The shoes an eccentric dentist could wear.

image credit: Reddit / MagicPotato192

#4. Show your passion for desserts with these shoes.

image credit: Facebook / Luxurious Life

#5. Behind this shoe there is an engineering study like no other!

image credit: Reddit / 1ce_W01f

#6. When someone breaks a drink and tells you not to go barefoot … because it could happen!

#7. The height of these shoes would be to be worn in St. Mark’s Square in Venice!

#8. Of all the materials, metal is the last thing that comes to mind when creating shoes.

#9. A little sporty and a little elegant, this is glamor as it is interpreted today.

#10. Maybe there was a mistake in the heel placement … or not.

#11. For someone who likes to be taken for a centaur.

#12. When a pair of shoes isn’t enough.

#13. There are those who see noodles and those who see tentacles from horror movies: we all agree on one thing anyway … they are horrible.

#14. Take care of cleaning the house without giving up on style.

#15. We are not sure if it is really possible to walk in these shoes.

To get noticed, some people would do anything, even wear shoes like this!

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