15 People Who Only Thought About The Consequences Of Their Actions When It Was Already Too Late

How important are the consequences? If we think about normal everyday actions, a lot. We say that for every action there is a reaction, so we are told to think about the consequences before speaking or acting. Impulse doesn’t always pay off: sometimes you have to stop for a moment and think about “what if I do or don’t do this thing, what could be the consequence? 15 people experienced the result of not doing this or not doing this thing? have taken into account the consequences of their actions. There are those who have not assessed the weather, those who have not checked the batteries before venturing into a difficult mission, and those who have designed something without thinking about its comfort and its usefulness – these are the results.

#1. This is what happens when you decide to take a shortcut without realizing that it is actually a frozen lake.

image credit: Rgnxsupreme/reddit

#2. When you want to pose by showing your plate but not thinking that the sauce might run.

image credit: Kwasbeb/reddit

#3. This is what happens when you do not close the roof of the car regardless of the weather conditions.

image credit: Twistedripper/imgur

#4. She was afraid of losing the keys to the padlock but didn’t realize that she couldn’t open it again.

image credit: xAIRGUITARTISTx reddit

#5. When you want to transport a large piece of furniture regardless of the size of your car: it simply won’t fit.

image credit: Cacanot/reddit

#6. He did not know that the rice cooker is electric and should not be placed over a hob.

image credit: Uedn/reddit

#7. Was the wall created first or were the chairs placed first? What is certain is that they did not imagine the consequences.

image credit: downriverrowing/reddit

#8. How is it possible to listen to an audio file through a book?

image credit: j0m1n1n/reddit

#9. This is what happens when you want to be smart without considering the reasons why you can’t go through it.

image credit: Zanzibear/reddit

#10. Whoever created this manhole cover in a flat street did not think about the consequences of this solution.

image credit: MRairden/reddit

#11. Even to cook a pizza, you have to think about the consequences, otherwise the situation can take a nasty turn.

image credit: captrehtaeh/reddit

#12. This is what happens when you want to cut your hair with a trimmer without checking the batteries.

image credit: Scaulbylausis/reddit

#13. Putting the pillow in a washing machine was not a very good idea: the consequences can be dire.

image credit: Damien/reddit

#14. Usually, egg packages contain an even number of eggs, but whoever invented the egg holder in the refrigerator didn’t think about it.

image credit: umeys/reddit

#15. The cup is very beautiful, but as for the convenience, one can speak of it. The consequences of these ears were not taken into account.

image credit: CosmeBuzzanito/reddit

Stop before you act: it’s something we’ve been told since childhood, and we often understand its meaning after the fact. And you, do you think about the consequences of your actions?

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