The communicative power of photography, 18 images that have immortalized curious and fascinating moments

In the world there are a lot of spectacular and uncommon events or simple but particular facts at the same time, it’s all about being able to capture that specific moment at its maximum expression!

Today we will show you 18 photos that are incredible ! Some have immortalized sensational events, others were taken at just the right moment, still others bear witness to the past or the present, in short, each one is a little treasure in itself and we are sure that you have never seen them … at least until now !

1. And here is the “Cappuccino Coast”: it looks like someone had fun pouring milk foam into the ocean!

2. Uncommon exercise by a surfer: running on the seabed holding a very heavy boulder in her arms!

3. A bonsai… about 800 years old!

4. Famous ancestors: This is a photo of Jessica Alba’s grandmother, isn’t she the same as the actress?

5. The blood vessels contained in an arm!

6. Bagger 288, this is the name of the largest machine in the world capable of moving autonomously.

7. A magnificent specimen of black rhino in Zürich Zoologischer Garten, the first born in a span of 18 years.

8. The winners of the American Super Bowl win these rings, but the 1st photo shows the first ring up for grabs, the 2nd the one won in 2015!

9. The best chess players in the world… reunited to try to play football!

10. A camera has captured a gorilla… just before being hit by it!

11. Snow Crawler, the most famous snow car in the world!

12. A professional climber struggling with a steep wall that is putting the climb to the test.

13. What the inside of the International Space Station looks like!

14. A structure capable of guiding a blind dog, helping him not to bump into objects.

15. Flood in Malaysia

16. A simple Tibetan village.

17. The “Land of the Giants”, an electric lighting project…

18. …and finally, some “stairs” in the desert!


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