The Cat Stays Quiet Under The Desk During The Lesson: The Student Brought Him To The University In Secret.

Cat owners know it’s not always easy to say goodbye. You might want to stay home and cuddle your purring cat for a few more minutes, but it also happens that the cat is very disappointed to be left alone all day.

In China, a student could not bear to leave her cat alone at home. Instead of saying goodbye to him and heading off to college, she decided to take him to class with her. The kitty was very wise and did not allow the teacher to find out, which even earned his mistress millions of views on the video showing the quiet cat hiding under the desk in the classroom.

#1. “That morning he had a sad expression: I couldn’t leave him at home”

image credit: douyin/TikTok

In China, a student, Wen, brought her cat to class because she couldn’t leave him at home: “He wanted me to stay with him, but I was late for class.” She says her beloved cat had a particularly sad expression that morning, so she decided to take him to school with her.

#2. The cat was silent throughout the lesson.

image credit: douyin/TikTok

Then things turned out for the best. The student placed her cat, whose name is Ba Dun – and who has a  very popular profile on TikTok – in the space under her desk. Ba Dun seems totally at ease in this situation, so much so that the professor who was giving the lesson during this time didn’t notice a thing. 


image credit: douyin/TikTok

Reading the cat’s expression, it looks like it is saying: “Mission accomplished”. As if to say: “I managed not to let my mistress leave me alone, this time too I managed to get exactly what I want”. Because we all know it, cats always get exactly what they want – even if that means taking them with you to college and hiding them under the desk.


image credit: douyin/TikTok

The teacher apparently only found out about this “special” student when the video went viral on social media. On Wen’s profile, the video of Ba Dun hiding under his desk has reached some 300 million views!

Now tell us, are cats the rulers of the universe or not?

You can watch Ba Dun’s video by clicking here .

source used: Daily Mail

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