The Cat Born With Four Ears Has Become The New Instagram Star.

On Instagram, millions of users follow the lives of their friends, influencers, and celebrities with interest. Instagram is where people talk about themselves, expose themselves and the people with the most followers make sure to engage with them, showing them aspects of their lives. But Instagram is also the place where millions of users share their passions and interact with profiles with whom they share similar interests. We don’t know what interests Midas fans, but what is certain is that this cat won the hearts of thousands of people very quickly.


Midas is a gray cat who was adopted from Turkey. She is not an ordinary cat: her physical peculiarity makes her without a doubt unique. Midas was born with two pairs of ears, due to a genetic mutation. The Midas Masters opened an Instagram profile for their new friend days after her adoption. In no time at all, and after sharing a few photos, Midas had already won the hearts of thousands of people. 


She has four ears and a white heart-shaped patch on her stomach. She enjoys spending her time playing, sleeping, and cuddling with the two Golden Retrievers in the family: Suzy and Zeno. The cat was adopted by Canis: A stray cat gave birth to Midas and her siblings in the garden owned by a friend of Canis. The man fell in love with the peculiar-looking cat and decided to take him home. His appearance is certainly unusual: Midas has two normal ears and two smaller ears below. Canis immediately had her examined by a vet, who confirmed that the cat has no hearing problems: despite the extra pair of ears, she can hear perfectly. 


Midas is playful, lively and a heavy sleeper. She has integrated very well into her new home as can be seen on the Instagram account dedicated to her. Her master will continue to take her to the vet regularly to make sure that no other genetic mutations occur as she grows. Midas fans have no doubts that she is a real little miracle.

source used: DailyMail

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