The Bride Carries 60 Kg Of Gold To Her Wedding: Her Husband Must Help Her Move.

Next to those who choose simple and not too lavish ceremonies for their wedding, for example not to spend too much and not to get carried away by exaggerated pageantry, there are also those who, like the husband of whom we are going to tell you about , decide that the word “too much” simply does not exist in these circumstances.

The reason ? As a dowry for his marriage, he decided to give his wife 60 kilograms of gold , all to be worn for the special occasion. A perfect way, according to him, not only to display his high social status , but also to remove bad luck and any negativity from their union. The result of this incredible pageantry, however, was a bit more problematic than expected …


This curious and sumptuous wedding took place in China, in the province of Hubei. Photos of the bride literally covered in gold by her groom quickly toured the world, not only because of the sheer amount of jewelry she wore that day, but also because, weighed down by the necklaces and bracelets, she had some difficulty performing the most basic movements.

Do you have any idea what it’s like to transport 60kg of gold? Many will likely answer in the negative. But this young Chinese woman has experienced it, thanks to her rich husband. Her gift included 60 gold necklaces , each weighing a kilogram, as well as two very heavy bracelets , also in gold.


It is not difficult to imagine the practical difficulties encountered by the “poor” bride on her wedding day. Due to the enormous weight of her jewelry, the young woman could hardly move, and between her wedding dress and the bouquet of flowers she was holding in her hands, her husband had to help her get up, to get up. sit and even walk.

It is not uncommon, from a cultural point of view, for gold, in such large quantity, to be seen as an auspicious symbol , as a kind of protection and amulet against evil spirits and bad luck. . The choice of the groom was therefore not only dictated by pageantry and the desire to show off his wealth, but also by traditional motivations. But in practice, the Chinese bride did not have an easy day. According to local media, the guests themselves took pity on her and offered to help her on several occasions, overwhelmed as she was by her gold jewelry.


The young woman, she would have resisted with courage and conscience given the importance of what she was doing, becoming, in the meantime, a real celebrity on social networks. What do you think ?

source used: Timesnownews

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