Are They Two Different Photos Or The Same? Test Yourself With This Optical Illusion.

There are questions whose answers seem perfectly obvious to us. Take for example the photos that we are going to show you: if we asked you if, in your opinion, this is the same picture or two different pictures, we are pretty sure most of you would say these are two different photos.

It’s simple, isn’t it? The paved road, with the houses on the left, the pickup truck arriving, and the parked car: the subject is the same, but the photos, in our eyes, unequivocally communicate something different, perhaps at the level of the angle or perspective. And yet, this is not the case. Would you believe that you are in front of the exact same photo? It is no coincidence that this optical illusion has literally confused many Internet users.


image credit: Imgur

The author of (or of the?) Photos are Daniel Picon, an artist and author of several books that offer us puzzles and riddles like this one. When the snapshot showing the street, houses, van, and car in question was posted on social media, it didn’t take long for it to start circulating and becoming known to the public.

Is it really the same image? At first glance, it would seem not. We’re not sure exactly why, but the photos look different. The only explanation we can find is that the scenes were taken from two angles. But this is not the case. It is exactly the same photo .


image credit: Imgur

If you can’t believe it, don’t worry, because you’re not the only one. This optical illusion has left many Internet users speechless, and it is no coincidence. To find out the truth, all it takes is one very simple thing: overlay photos.

Several Internet users, on Reddit and Imgur, had fun separating the images and putting them on top of each other . The result? She will leave more than one speechless and this is what we have already mentioned several times: it is unequivocally the same photo! To convince everyone of this “discovery”, there are even those who have created animations that prove what we are saying.


image credit: Imgur

How is it possible, then, that the two look different when placed side by side? Many people have tried to give an explanation, which probably lies in the fact that the two scenes were cleverly placed side by side. In this position, our brains interpret them as if they are “on a collision course” with each other, anything but parallel as they actually are.

Intriguing, isn’t it? Would you have thought, at first glance, that you were looking at two different images?

source used: Daniel Picon

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