15 Teachers Who Taken Cheating Prevention To A New Level.

As students get more and more cunning with their deception skills, some teachers feel the need to take prevention to another level.

To some, these examples may seem a bit extreme, however, we can all agree that most of these efforts seem like fun.

These teachers took preventing their students from cheating on a test to a new level:

#1. Anti-cheat hats

#2. Anti-cheat cardboard boxes.

#3. Anti-cheat folders.

#4. Anti-cheat umbrellas.

#5. Dron antitrampa.

#6. Anti-cheat newspaper.

#7. Going through the metal detector.

#8. Cubicles adapted to avoid more traps.

#9. Anti-cheat hats are nothing new.

#10. Real-time surveillance.

#11. Undressing.

Indian Army candidates were asked to remove their clothing to deter cheating during a recruiting day.

#12. Horse hats as blinders.

#13. Diligent supervision.

#14. Anti-cheat boxes.

#15. Ban cell phones.

Are you a teacher? Which of these ideas would you put into practice? If you have ideas to avoid cheating in the exams, do not hesitate to share them in the comments. Send this gallery to your teacher friends.

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