We can make a statement by tattoos. Tattoos have gone through a long journey, from sailors in the old times until modern days. Vek Van Hillik, a French tattoo artist creates amazing masterpieces. When you extend your body parts like your elbows or knees you can see the true shape of these brilliant tattoos.

You can apply these new optical illusion tattoos on your elbows or knees. You can see the true beauty of the tattoo when you stretch your arm. Mostly they use insects like beetles or anything that has a wing for this type of tattoo. Most importantly, it needs to create the balance between stretched and upstretched form in these tattoos.

When you extend your arm this beetle tattoo on the elbow will show all the glory.

And when you extend and contract your arm continuously, the beetle look like flying.

The full form of these creative tattoos is amazing and beautiful.

The signature work of a French tattoo designer is this unique tattoo style.

Vek Van Hillik’s tattoos will change form when you extend your arms or legs.