Tattoos In The Victorian Era, Images Of Some Women Depicted In All Their Glory.

Tattooing is an age-old tradition , which has its roots in ancient Egypt, then spread to ancient Rome as a mark of recognition for slaves and convicts. Over the ages, this ancient art has been subject to various treatments: Pope Adrian I, for example, prohibited anyone from practicing any form of marking on the body, created and deemed perfect by God. Of course, a total ban on tattoos did not mean the definitive disappearance of this practice, but it was often limited and associated with the poorer social classes and criminals.. In Italy, the first to provide this association was Cesare Lombroso who, in 1876, identified tattooing with crime. Fortunately, soon after, tattoos spread and became very fashionable, thanks to some Anglo-Saxon artists who, already at the end of the 19th century, marked the skin with their works. Already in the Victorian era, many women began to tattoo to assert their autonomy in society .

Here are some of the finest images of the era, in which tattooed women in the Victorian era are depicted in all their glory :









source :  atchuup

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