Tanya And Tarzan, The Circus Lions Freed After 8 Years In Captivity, They Had Never Run On A Meadow Before

The problem with animals used in circus performances is really serious, related to the terrible mistreatment and suffering that creatures born with a wild and free nature must endure throughout their lives, or for most of it. It is indeed absolutely unfair that for human amusement – which is limited to a few hours spent watching a show – so many animals are kept in cages for years and years.

The two lions Tanya and Tarzan were among these unfortunate creatures. Anyone who thinks of an animal like a lion has wide open spaces and “scenes” full of freedom in mind. For these two, life had been only narrow spaces and shows for the paying public. Until an organization saves them and introduces them to true nature for the first time.


image credit: The Dodo/Youtube

For eight very long years , Tanya and Tarzan were caged, never knowing what it meant to be free and to be able to run on a meadow, in the middle of nature. Born in captivity in Guatemala, they then grew up amidst the mistreatment and deprivation of circus owners, with the sole consolation of supporting each other.


image credit: The Dodo/Youtube

Their lives seemed destined to continue like this until Animal Defenders International learned of their story and decided it would do anything to save them .


image credit: The Dodo/Youtube

With them, nine tigers were taken out of the circus, whose lives changed forever. When the wild animals were transferred to a temporary sanctuary, specifically dedicated to their welcome, they first felt real grass under their paws .


image credit: The Dodo/Youtube

Tarzan, at first, hesitated a little, never having felt the sensation of walking on this surface; Tanya, on the contrary, immediately started to run. It only took a few hours for the two inseparable lions to get used to their new free and spacious state . The happiness they felt was evident. After all the ritual healing and testing, it was soon time to move the duo to a reserve in South Africa , their natural habitat.


image credit: The Dodo/Youtube

In this case also, after a first moment of uncertainty, the lions acclimatized well, not being able to believe in their luck: thanks to the persons in charge of the organization, they are literally reborn, in a “second life” which they more deserved. than anything else , and any animal forced into circus cages deserves.


image credit: The Dodo/Youtube

Seeing them run, jump and play, finally free, is really moving !


image credit: The Dodo/Youtube

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The Dodo/Youtube

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