15 Funny Photos Taken On The Roller Coaster Will Leave You Breathless

The photos taken on the roller coaster are a memory that families and friends cherish jealously. Whether it’s a terrified mother, an amused child, quirky marriage proposals, or a game of chess at the wrong time, it doesn’t matter: these 16 photos with the most varied poses will leave you breathless!

#1. There are those who are having fun and those who, on the contrary, with folded arms, staring at the camera with annoyance.

image credit: blackthorne519/imgur

#2. The roller coaster has given the kid a new look, although he doesn’t seem to mind at the moment.

image credit: a_damn/reddit

#3. The boy was losing his keys at an inconvenient time and the faces of his friends on the side seem to say it all.

image credit: bitterbal95/reddit

#4. This is their first ride on the roller coaster: at first they seem super entertained, but their expression changes afterwards.

image credit: arasita/reddit

#5. This restaurant-themed roller coaster is truly unusual: it’s hard to whip up an appetite at such speed.

image credit: reddit

#6. This roller coaster ride has turned into a strange but very sweet proposal.

image credit: doug3465/reddit

#7. Someone is shocked, another seems impassive and yet another is super calm: how beautiful diversity is!

image credit: imgur

#8. The girls’ hair gives a glimpse of the speed of this roller coaster: the looks are almost terrified.

image credit: onridephotos/instagram

#9. These guys chose the expression impassive. How do they do it?

image credit: whatthehelpp/reddit

#10. It doesn’t look like a scary roller coaster, but the woman and child in front do look worried.

image credit: fullmetalagent/reddit

#11. The boy and his friends pretended to be bodyguards for one of their companions, even on a roller coaster.

image credit: gingershminger/reddit

#12. Is the color of their face due to makeup or the fear of roller coasters? Perhaps the second option.

image credit: teatimechaps/instagram

#13. The woman is holding her baby girl lest she fall and she too looks rather scared.

image credit: wilymon/reddit

#14. These boys decided to ride the roller coaster wearing a horse mask. Better, perhaps, not to look down?

image credit: tangboy/reddit

#15. The child clings to the handle in fear, the woman hugs the child in her arms: portrait of a happy moment.

image credit: lottateeth / instagram

Everyone must have already laughed at their own expressions immortalized on a roller coaster ride. Do you jealously guard the photograph? In which of these moments do you relive your experience the most?

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