19 Photos Taken In The Right Place At The Right Time. Real Examples Of Perfect Timing

Photography is the art of capturing the moment, capturing it forever, and preserving memory. Some in particular capture the reality of a moment by making it almost surreal. Take for example these 20 photos taken by chance that lead to a total distortion of reality. And as you can see, our favorite animals become the main protagonists of our photos here!

#1. I would say he spent too much time in the water.

image credit: Nick Kelly

#2. An angel among men.

image credit: Ricardo Cuba Zavala

#3. Who can it be?

image credit: rx8geek/reddit

#4. It is certainly a very inspiring photo.

image credit: r/mspaintbattles

#5. A frightening union: d.

image credit: clivewhite

#6. A rather special passenger.

image credit: Simon Dawson

#7. It would definitely make a good fantasy character.

image credit: Imgur

#8. What? My cat has abs.

image credit: J3nnif3r00

#9. Majestic, to say the least.

image credit: mysusualusername

#10. An airplane as it appears in silhouette during the first eclipse of the decade.


#11. A dog in a bubble.

image credit: Fizzgig11

#12. The metamorphosis

image credit: David Taggart

#13. Times Square in winter seen from below.

image credit: Andrew Thomas

#14. Sailor Moon.

image credit: Psy-phi

#15. Nuagizilla.

image credit: Nicolas Locatelli

#16. A waxwing in the middle of a snack.

image credit: Sindri Skúlason

#17. This horse is having a bad day.

image credit: verguy

#18. Not quite like in fairy tales.

image credit: yeahHedid

#19. Catwoman.

image credit: rastroboy

In short, whether it’s animals or not, taking bizarre photos seems to be the latest fad on the web. Have you ever taken surreal photos? Tell us in the comments!

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