The “Devil’s Bridge”, The Ancient Medieval Construction Famous All Over The World For Its Magical Appearance.

In many parts of central and northern Europe, you can admire beautiful stone constructions that cross rivers and bodies of water called “devil’s bridges” because each…


The Highest Peak In The World Is A Pile Of Rubbish: Everest Destroyed By The Assiduous Presence Of Man.

Did you ever imagine that even the most remote and inaccessible part of the world, like the region around Mount Everest, could turn into an open dump ?…


Ghost Towns: Eight Of The World’s Most Mysterious And Fascinating Abandoned Places.

Among the most popular tourist destinations for years there are undoubtedly these: ghost towns, abandoned places in the world that attract the curious for their ghostly…


The 7 2-euro Coins That Can Be Worth Thousands, Sought After All Over The World.

Coins are worth much less than banknotes, as they have a lower monetary value, but there are instances when coins have a higher value, far from…


Majestic Architecture: 16 Amazing Buildings That Can Be Found Around The World.

Architects know that to be well designed, buildings must meet many requirements: they must be useful, functional, and accessible. Aesthetics can sometimes be overlooked. The architecture that we…


Meet Peabody, The Smallest Horse In The World Who Thinks He’s A Dog

What comes to your mind when you think of a horse? Probably a powerful animal with a thick mane, running through the woods with its shiny…


The Tallest Tree In The World Is Threatened By Fire: Firefighters Wrap It In Fireproof Blankets.

It is not an easy time for General Sherman. In fact, this giant tree of the United States has probably never been more endangered than in September…


This Monument, One Of The Largest In The World, Has Been Under Construction For More Than 70 Years.

Not everyone knows that in the Black Hills of South Dakota, one of the world’s largest sculptures is under construction. This monument is erected not far from…


Singapore: One Of The Largest Floating Solar Parks In The World Opens Its Doors And Reduces Co2 Emissions.

The fight against CO2 emissions and the choice of clean and sustainable energy are fundamental and increasingly important challenges today. They concern us all, and the possibility…


Team Of Scientists Create The Whitest Paint In The World: It Can Fight Global Warming.

Fighting against global warming and limiting the climate damage to our planet are important and topical challenges that concern us all, as well as the activities we…

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