This Woman Saved An Octopus By Putting It Back Into Water, And She ‘thanks’ It By Holding Out One Of Its Tentacles.

There are so many ways an animal can thank us for saving its life. And no, we are not talking about dogs or cats, or any…


This 69-year-old Woman Is A Bodybuilding Champion: “Age Is Just A Number”

It is never too late to achieve the goals that we have always pursued. Sometimes it takes many years to reach the top, but the taste…


This Woman Found A Wonderful “Orchid” Mantis In Her Lavender.

When you are lucky enough to have a house with a garden, you have the possibility of having a lot of plants and flowers which…


Woman Searches For Crustaceans And Finds “Biggest Dinosaur Footprint Ever”

It is true that some, if not the majority, of the most important discoveries, are the result of chance, but what are the chances that,…


Missing 47-year-old Woman Found In Mountains. She Fed On Moss And Grass For 6 Months.

Do you think it is possible in today’s world to live for months in close contact with the wilderness and feed on what it offers? Judging by the…


Woman Discovers That The “Stone” She Used To Ride Her Horse Is Actually A Rare Roman Artifact

In the garden of an English house, in Hampshire to be precise, an unexpected discovery was made: a stone, used for 10 years by the owner of…


Woman Immortalizes Unexpected Close Encounter With Majestic Lynx.

The most incredible encounters are the unexpected ones. You think you are living a day like any other when an event suddenly upsets and makes it…


A Woman Finds Herself In Front Of This Gigantic Moth During A Walk, It Is As Long As Her Hand

This is not the first time that we have found ourselves talking to you and showing you a certain “taste” of Australian nature. We have now learned…


Woman Sets Up Camera In Her Yard To Capture The Beauty Of Wild Animals In Close-up

Knowing how to capture with the lens of a good camera or with a powerful device the extraordinary plumage and colors of the countless species…


Woman Finds Huge Hunter Spider In Her Son’s Toy Truck Protecting 200 Cubs

Australia, its wild nature, and the creatures that inhabit it have struck again. This is how we might sum up, with a touch of irony, what…

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