A Giant 16th-century Sword Emerges From The Waters Of A Norwegian Lake.

At the bottom of Lake Mjøsa , Norway’s largest lake, two treasure hunters, Miro Baricicic and Knut-Eric Gylder, found a huge two-handed sword dating back to the 16th century. The history…


In The Spring, The Waters Of Lake Michigan Are So Clear That The Wrecks Lying At The Bottom Of The Water Become Visible

Almost every spring it is possible to admire an incredible visual spectacle in Lake Michigan: by flying over its exceptionally clear waters after the long…


A Boy Notices A Strange “Path” Which Leads To The Lake From The Waters Will Emerge A Wreckage Of The War.

We know that everything around us has inevitably been marked by historical events every little discovery, event, or fact that happened hundreds of years ago may…

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