This Woman Saved An Octopus By Putting It Back Into Water, And She ‘thanks’ It By Holding Out One Of Its Tentacles.

There are so many ways an animal can thank us for saving its life. And no, we are not talking about dogs or cats, or any…


He Parks His Van On The Beach, In A No-parking Zone, And Finds It Submerged In Water.

Raise the hand who has never had a hard time finding a parking spot, or who has never witnessed people leaving their vehicles in the…


Photographer Captures The Exact Moment A Whale Catches A Boat Emerging From The Water.

In the right place at the right time. Anyone who is passionate about photography, or working in a professional capacity, knows how important it is for this…


Once Used, This Special Bag Dissolves In Water And Becomes Fish Food.

It may sometimes seem over-simplified, but the problem of plastic pollution in the seas and waters of our planet can be summed up in a simple harmful…

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