Abnormal Heat Wave Hit Us And Canada: 15 Photos Show Us What Happened.

No one was prepared for the heatwave that hit North America: in some areas, such as Oregon, Washington State, and Canada, temperatures reached as high as 50 degrees…


15 Incredible Photos That Show Us The Disarming Beauty Of Mother Nature.

We can say with certainty that the planet we live on is truly an invaluable treasure and full of surprises; traveling on all continents, we are…


26 Photos That Perfectly Show What Pareidolia Is.

Our brain plays with us more than we think. Do you know the pareidolias? It is a psychological phenomenon that leads us to see familiar faces…


15 Images Pleasing To The Eye Because They Show Us That Perfection Exists

In the midst of chaos and confusion, we need to take a break, rest our eyes, and feed our need for order and perfection. When we are…

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