Scientists Find 5,700-year-old Chewing Gum With Dna Residue: It Belongs To A Little Girl.

Historical discoveries are something truly fascinating, which allow us to reconstruct the details of a past that we did not know, but which, thanks to science, acquires…


In 1972 Scientists Predicted When Society Would Collapse: New Studies Confirm Predictions.

What will our planet look like in the future? What will change economically and socially? We’ve probably all asked ourselves these questions at one time or another. These…


A Team Of Scientists Want To Revive The Mammoth, Extinct About 10,000 Years Ago.

We have seen it in many cartoons and documentaries: the ancestor of the elephant, with its huge curved tusks and thick fur, lived 200,000 to around…


Some Scientists May Have Found A Way To Darken The Sun, To Fight Global Warming.

The phenomenon of global warming is one of the most pressing problems in recent science; the possible and imaginable solutions of the latest research have therefore…


Team Of Scientists Create The Whitest Paint In The World: It Can Fight Global Warming.

Fighting against global warming and limiting the climate damage to our planet are important and topical challenges that concern us all, as well as the activities we…


By Using A Quantum Computer As A Time Machine, Scientists Were Able To “Reverse” The Seconds

Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to time travel? The response of science has always been quite controversial: It would be possible under the axioms…


Usa: Team Of Scientists Discover Mysterious “Monolith” That Looks Like Something Out Of A Sci-fi Movie

Who among us, at least once in his life, has not armed himself with headphones, dim light and has not decided to catapult ourselves, also…

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