Dog Saves A Parrot And Decides That He Is Now His Older Brother.

A dog recognized for his tender and noble heart, he saved the life of a little parrot and decides to become his older brother to…


It Is Called The Parrot “Dracula” But Its Appearance Should Not Be Misleading, This Bird Eats Only Seeds And Fruits.

The Pesquet’s parrot (Psittrichas fulgidus), also called the “Dracula parrot” in some parts of the world, is a splendid specimen of medium to large size, with predominantly black…


A Prosthesis Reconstructs The Parrot’s Damaged Beak To Perfection, He Exhibits It With Gratitude

What would a parrot be without its beak? A bird’s beak is an essential part of its life for eating, climbing, protecting itself, and – in the…

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