This Man Keeps A Sparassidae Spider At Home: He Treats Her Like A Pet.

No need to hide it: we are all afraid of something. It is quite simply in our nature to be made to view certain situations or certain…


Is There Only A Dog Or Also A Man In The Photo? The Visual Challenge That Put Many To The Test.

Every once in a while, as we all know, our brains need a little extraordinary “maintenance” . Of course, day after day it is subject to many challenges, as are…


Photographer Captures The Moment An Orangutan Reaches Out To A Man In His Willingness To Help

While surfing the web, it often happens to come across images and videos that depict primates in attitudes and situations bordering on believable. Even if they…


Man Or Dog On The Run? This Optical Illusion Can Tell Us A Lot About Our State Of Mind

Who has never been the victim of an optical illusion? This is not a question of poor cognitive skills, nor of confusion: simply our brain, sometimes, is…


14 Times Man And Nature Joined Forces To Create Fascinating Landscapes

Nature and man have not always had a relationship of peaceful coexistence. And even, in many cases, they may never have it. Our presumption of being human has…


This Man Saved A Wolf From A Sad Fate, He Is Now His Magnificent Life Companion

The stories of wild animals befriending men and women who view them as domesticated creatures will never cease to amaze us. Sometimes it seems that certain people and…


This Man Walks In The Snow And Creates Gigantic Works That Enchant With Their Ephemeral Beauty.

Sometimes we witness such original and unusual artistic manifestations that make us wonder how it was possible to give birth to such special ideas. Even though we are sure…

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