A Security Camera Immortalizes The Dance Of Joy Of A Homeless Woman: She Passed Her Job Interview (Video).

Dance of happiness: that’s what Kayallah Jones, a 21-year-old woman who had just found out she had a job, did. After months of relentless research, Kayallah finally…


A Photographer Immortalizes A Duck With 76 Ducklings: A Real Super-mom.

Some pictures are better than a thousand words to tell extraordinary stories and to fix in time moments and events that are nothing short of…


Woman Immortalizes Unexpected Close Encounter With Majestic Lynx.

The most incredible encounters are the unexpected ones. You think you are living a day like any other when an event suddenly upsets and makes it…


This Ship Seems To “Float” In The Sky: A Man Immortalizes The Incredible Optical Illusion

Who has never found themselves in front of scenes that required a deeper look to be better understood? If you are one of those people, you…

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