Dogs In The Car, 20 Hilarious Situations Where Owners Immortalized Their Doggies On Board

We madly love our four-legged friends, and yet we have learned to live with their momentary quirks. For example, have you ever noticed that when you…


12 Fascinating Photos Of Actors Immortalized With Their Most Famous Characters

One of the greatest “risks” (or chances!) For an actor is to be identified for a long time with a character he has played, a fictional figure…


This Photographer Immortalized The Indigenous Peoples Of Siberia In Powerful And Profound Shots.

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19 Of The Most Eccentric And Disturbing Characters Who Have Been Immortalized On Public Transport

Whether by choice or necessity, many people move from place to place using public transport, day in and day out. Trams, buses, subways are for many people…

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