Dogs Learn Language Like Humans – They’re The Only Animals That Can.

The dog is considered to be man’s best friend: he is extremely loyal and, if trained, he can respond to orders from his master. When we…


This Dolphin “Thanks” The Humans Who Feed It By Bringing Seashells And Corals From The Seabed To The Shore.

We had understood for a long, long time that dolphins were among the most skillful and intelligent mammals known to science; in fact, the small protagonist…


Amphibio: Futuristic Artificial Gills That Allow Humans To Breathe Underwater.

Diving in deep water and being able to swim for hours before resurfacing is possible these days through the use of bulky equipment. What if in the future…


15 Photos Of Huge And Majestic Maine Coons That Wow Even Us Humans

Have you ever had the chance to see for real and hug a Maine Coon? Cats of this breed, one of the largest domestic felines, look like a hybrid…


16 Photos Of Animals On Public Transport That Look Much Better Behaved Than A Lot Of Humans

Taking public transport regularly is a unique daily experience. It often happens to meet people who look weird or who, unfortunately, do not realize that they are on public…


10 Giant Animals That Are Rarely Seen By Humans

It is difficult to see them unless it is with a photograph. Being big, or rather, being “giant”, is not synonymous with being visible or…

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