This Girl Spends Over € 4,500 A Year To Care For And Pamper Two Pigeons.

How much can you love a pet? Many people would do anything for their non-human friends. And when we say “anything,” we also mean that which, for many,…


A Car Blocks A Cycle Lane: A Girl Takes Revenge By Climbing To The Roof With Her Bicycle.

There are more and more cycle paths in different parts of the world. On the one hand, they allow cyclists to move safely from one point in a city…


She Finds A Flower And Smells It But Doesn’t Know She’s Hallucinogenic: Girl Tells About Her Experience.

Is there a sweeter and more innocent gesture than to smell a beautiful flower? Probably not, although from what we’re about to tell you, even something like…


Girl Shared Stunning Photos Of Her Maine Coon, And Her Size Is Beyond Belief

Maine Coon owner Lotus has created an Instagram account, where she posts photos of her huge white and brown cat. The pictures show us a cat that is much…

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