Ghost Towns: Eight Of The World’s Most Mysterious And Fascinating Abandoned Places.

Among the most popular tourist destinations for years there are undoubtedly these: ghost towns, abandoned places in the world that attract the curious for their ghostly…


This Fascinating Mosaic Discovered In France Would Prove The Existence Of An Ancient Lost City.

The Celts – or Gauls, as the ancient Romans called them – were certainly the people who, more than others, gave the Roman Empire a hard…


Abandoned But Fascinating: 15 Places Where Time Has Left An Indelible Mark.

What is so special about an abandoned place? First of all, its a special charm. Irresistible, magical, disturbing and melancholy at the same time, a mixture of sensations…


16 Times Ice And Snow Created Fascinating And Satisfying Works Of Art

Few people particularly like the winter months. Although ice and snow often make it difficult to carry out normal daily activities, they can also offer us unique visions. Depending…


15 Dogs With Fascinating And Unusual Characteristics Show The Result Of Crossing Different Genes

Each dog has its own peculiarities, although dogs of the same breed are very similar to each other. If you think that more than 300 different…


14 Times Man And Nature Joined Forces To Create Fascinating Landscapes

Nature and man have not always had a relationship of peaceful coexistence. And even, in many cases, they may never have it. Our presumption of being human has…


15 Photos Of Albino Animals That Don’t Need Other Colors To Be Extremely Fascinating

Nature gives life to animals and plants with enviable colors we are used to seeing colorful furs, butterflies with peculiar shades, peacocks with colored tails like a…


15 Photos Show How Difficult But Fascinating It Can Be To Face Winter In Freezing Weather

There are those who love winter and find it magical to play in the snow, sip an herbal tea by the radiator, watch the windows steam up,…


This Very Ancient Egyptian Obelisk Is Like A Giant Lying In The Ground, Never Completed But Fascinating

Never think that the past is something frozen and out of date. history always has something valuable to teach us. Whether it is about details or…


A Very Rare Metallic Blue Tarantula, Even Those Who Don’t Like Spiders Will Find It Fascinating

It is difficult to approach a spider in peace and safety without feeling an instinctive sense of loathing and loathing: most humans experience a mixture…

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