These Two Buddhist Temples Suspended Between The Earth And The Sky Are The Perfect Place To Find Yourself.

Imagine yourself suspended on a craggy rocky outcrop over 2,300 meters above sea level, with a carpet of clouds beneath your feet and an atmosphere so incredible…


The Forbidden Island Of Hawaii: A Paradise On Earth Where We Still Live Like 200 Years Ago.

Would you ever have thought that in the advanced and hyperconnected civilization we live in today, there are still places that have remained cut off…


USA: Billions Of Cicadas Rise From The Earth After 17 Years, The Spectacle Is Impressive.

We don’t all have a good relationship with insects: that’s for sure. Living with these creatures, even though they are small, perhaps harmless and often almost “invisible”,…


Two “Platistes” Try To Reach The End Of The Earth (Supposedly Flat) By Boat: They Take The Wrong Island And Are Arrested

Although the evidence to the contrary is now numerous and varied, there are still those who even today find it difficult to believe that the Earth…


17 Of The Most Curious And Spectacular Trees On Earth, True Wonders Of Nature

The trees are like natural pillars that support life on Earth. It is thanks to these silent and fascinating witnesses to the passing of time that nature can…


These 15 Photos Prove That Iceland Is The Land Of Dreams On Earth

Iceland is a Nordic country with about 320,000 inhabitants and it attracts more and more the attention of tourists. Of course, this is all due to…


Nasa Has Discovered An Asteroid So Full Of Gold It Could Make Everyone On Earth ‘rich’

Real wealth isn’t always inside, but … above us. To be precise, several kilometers higher, as many kilometers between Mars and Jupiter to find it! Yes, because the…

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