A Dog Missing For 4 Months Is Found Under A Meter Of Snow: He Is Now Safe

Dogs are not just animals: they become loyal friends of their masters. That’s why we can only imagine the fear and pain of Russ’ mistress when…


Is There Only A Dog Or Also A Man In The Photo? The Visual Challenge That Put Many To The Test.

Every once in a while, as we all know, our brains need a little extraordinary “maintenance” . Of course, day after day it is subject to many challenges, as are…


Meet Peabody, The Smallest Horse In The World Who Thinks He’s A Dog

What comes to your mind when you think of a horse? Probably a powerful animal with a thick mane, running through the woods with its shiny…


15 Menacing Guard Animals Hiding Behind The “Watch Out For The Dog” Sign

People who have a dog – and let it roam free in the house, garden or yard – hang the famous “beware of the dog” sign on…


His Dog Has Only A Few Days To Live, He Carries Him In A Wheelbarrow For One Last Adventure Together

If you have a pet, you know how affectionate and happy they can be in our lives. Although they don’t have the gift of speech, our four-legged friends…


7 Unexpected Things Your Dog May “Smell” … Long Before You Do.

Dogs are man’s best friends. Even more than cats, these four-legged angels are also considered as real guardians who watch over our lives, but also over…


Dog Saves A Parrot And Decides That He Is Now His Older Brother.

A dog recognized for his tender and noble heart, he saved the life of a little parrot and decides to become his older brother to…


Man Or Dog On The Run? This Optical Illusion Can Tell Us A Lot About Our State Of Mind

Who has never been the victim of an optical illusion? This is not a question of poor cognitive skills, nor of confusion: simply our brain, sometimes, is…


This Girl Feeds Her Dog With 100% Vegan Meals, “Everyone Should Do The Same”

Steak, meatballs, chicken when you think of a dog’s diet, foods like these surely come to mind. However, it is not always so obvious. Judging by the…


Her Dog Is Losing So Much Hair That The Mistress Decides To Pick It Up And Put It On A Pair Of Boots

Many people who have dogs and cats in their homes know that the problem of hair loss is a really annoying reality to deal with on a daily basis. No…

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