Discovery Of A Mysterious Cosmic Object Emitting Powerful Radio Signals: “We Had Never Seen Anything Like It”

When we speak of an “unidentified space object”, our minds immediately drift towards science fiction and somewhat mysterious settings, on the border between reality and…


Gibraltar, Discovery Of A “Chamber Of Secrets” That Remained Closed For 40,000 Years.

We are not going to tell you about the Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets or the weird events that take place there. It is a secret…


Discovery Of A Treasure With More Than 6,500 Medieval Coins And A Princess’s Ring, It Was Under A Wheat Field.

Have you ever felt that an unexpected and special event, episode, discovery awaited you, as if they were part of a destiny already written especially for you?…


Discovery In Alaska Of Venetian Glass Beads That Arrived In America Before Christopher Columbus

The discovery of America by Christopher Columbus is one of those historical events for which a quick mention is enough and virtually everyone already knows what we…

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